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"I don't believe in chasing dreams. I believe in building them." - Ashley Bornancin (quoting herself)

Ashley Bornancin is an award-winning comedic actress, writer and producer, known for her quick wit, charm, improvisation and adaptability.

She recently wrapped Season One of Bravo’s Dirty John, serving as the Social Creative Producer, alongside the Atlas team, creating the social content and hosting all Dirty John online content. She can also be seen opposite David Koechner in Chelsea! on Netflix, as well as playing the young, Jewish, Rachel Hanowitz on Broad City, and just recently the lead of Zach King Studio's sketches (23 million viewers) Bridezilla and Hasbro's Nerf Nations, along with starring in the upcoming Asian American rom com, Kat Loves LA.

Bornancin is also an established voice over actress; currently voicing the lead of the Netflix Franchise, "Spy Kids: Mission Critical," along with the young John Cena and The Rock in Seth Green's "Camp WWE,” and lends her voice to upcoming Nickelodeon and Dreamworks TV shows and films.

Bornancin is a huge advocate in producing your own content, and was placed on CAA's "Ones to Watch List," this past year for her heart-felt comedy series she co-created and starred in, "We're NOT Friends," that has won several awards on the festival circuit.

Bornancin is also an Alzheimer's Advocate and created the documentary, "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" published my Maria Shriver, sharing her family's story through her mom's illness. She believes sharing stories are powerful and can lead to global change.

Known For: 

  • Insane work ethic

  • Quirky voice

  • Ballsy personality

  • Being a creative visionary



  • Mindy Kaling

  • Rachel Bloom

  • Issa Rae

  • Liz Meriweather

Things to Do for Fun

  • Writing Sessions

  • Bikram Yoga

  • Dance (hip-hop, Groov3, Jazz, Broadway)

  • Pinkberry

  • Audiobooks

  • Learning

  • Hiking

  • Deep conversations

  • Challenging the world around us

  • Seeking truth


  • Why Not Me?, Mindy Kaling

  • Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod

  • Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller

  • Millionaire Mindset, Hypnosis Live

  • Powerhouse: The Untold Story of CAA, James A. Miller