"MOLLY" Narrative Drama is now Streaming!


Since last year's overwhelming response to our screening, we have officially released our dramatic short narrative, "Molly." (click the link in my bio) We hope this film serves as a vessel for continued discussion regarding tragedy and the unknown, in finding hope in the midst of the deepest pain. •

If this film touched your hearts, please share with someone who may need to see this. It is our mission to spread this message to as many people we can reach. And for those who would like to screen at their churches or other events, we would love to screen everywhere, shoot me a message.

Whether it's sharing a laugh, or holding one another as we cry, as storytellers our aim is to bring people together to share in the human experience; the good, the bad, the joyous and the heart-breaking moments. Through story, we aim to provide hope in the midst of pain - to bring community to what sometimes may feel like an isolated world

A special thank you to our director Chad Smathers, DP Joe Matthews, wonderful crew and cast of the talented Anjelika Washington, Noelle E. Parker and Riannah Pouncy

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