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The "New Girl" of Generation X

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About We're NOT Friends:

Two unlikely twenty-somethings from different sides of the track end up becoming roommates by chance and turn each other's worlds upside down.  Don, a now ex-minor league baseball player, finds himself stuck in LA with no job, no fiance, no money, and no hope. In order to keep his house that he no longer can afford, he reluctantly starts interviewing roommates and between comic nerds and tattoo’ed sumo wrestlers, Don ends up getting stuck with his polar opposite... the relentlessly positive, upbeat, Ashley, an aspiring news reporter who doesn't understand the concept of "boundaries."

Though relentless, acting on her impulses to be the first and best at everything she does, Ashley, unknowingly takes an unpaid internship as a recent college graduate for Hollywood’s biggest bitch in town, working effortlessly to prove that if done ‘right’ she can have that perfect job, romantic life and more.  She is confused by Don’s seemingly nonchalance take on life and his unwillingness to see the glass half full, but that doesn’t stop her from nosying her way into his life.

Don and Ashley try to navigate through life under one house, but as much as they would like to, neither of them can accept merely “co-existing,” and unintentionally push each other to the limit. Both, extremely passionate, but in may ways ignorant to the world around them, the two stubborn roommates unknowingly bring the yin and yang the other lacks, and through this insane love-hate dynamic, both might uncover that it isn't always about the home run that wins the world series.. but more the curve balls that make the game of life worth playing.

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