We're NOT Friends, Semi-Finalist in LA's Cinefest!


It is such an honor to be named a Semi-Finalist in LA's Cinefest Competition for our new original comedy series, We're NOT Friends! It has been a labor of love between myself and my co-creator, Don DiPetta, as well as the rest of our team, from our cast to our crew.

So what's the show all about? Well... first, I want you to answer this question.

True or False?  Opposites Attract.

In almost every romantic comedy, this tends to be the case... but in real life, at what point do opposites attract or are just too opposite that they will forever be oil and water?


We explore this concept, as well as what it really means to be a friend in this day and age, in our comedic, single-cam series, We're NOT Friends. If you like heartfelt comedies like NEW GIRL or The Mindy Project, I think this series might resonate with you.


What would happen if Mark Wahlberg & Jenny Slate Became Roommates? 


The series that everyone's talking about:


We're NOT Friends: Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep3, and today's all new Ep. 4 


If you have a few minutes, I dare to give this series a try, share your thoughts with us on YouTube and if you think this will brighten someone's day, feel free to pass it along. 


For all of you in LA, we will also be having a screening of the second half of the season mid-October, and will be sending an invite your way. 


Latest Reviews From Industry & TV Critics (more below)


"Incredible, someone needs to cut them a check to get this show on a network!" - Ashley Eggleston, APA, Agency for the Performing Arts


"I must admit that Ashley Bornancin has the skills to turn any critic into a promoter. We’re NOT Friends is a breath of fresh air. It’s very well produced and the plots are simple, but witty. In all honesty, We’re NOT Friends is testimony that both Bornancin and DiPetta are taking their work seriously and going somewhere in life. A lot of comedy nowadays is based on stereotypes, a typical us versus them attitude, whether its gender, nationality, race, and etc. Bornancin and DiPetta, in looking beyond such issues, respond to the human need. There is a difference. This can get global. - Warlock Asylum International, 700,000 subscribers


"So relatable, in a hyper-specific way... definitely check it out." - Ty Matthews, AfterBuzz

We're NOT Friends Ep. 4: Roomiez 4 Eva

Ashley and Don are now just trying to “co-exist.” However, when they both have friends over at the house, a night of fun and drinking quickly leads to the roommates pushing each other to a point where there might be no going back.


Ashley Bornancin - Broad City, Series Regular on Seth Green's CAMP WWE & New Franchise

Don DiPetta - MacGyver, Mike & Molly, Billy Gardel & Chase Crawford's Undrafted, etc.

Jeff Larson - Glee, Dear White People, Netflix's Love

Shakira Paye - Lethal Weapon, The Gambler

Sandra Hinojosa - Shameless, Survivor's Remorse, etc.

Music- Gary Lee - The Voice

Cinematography & Editing: Christopher Shefffield

Featured songs: Amber Ojeda (Fox, CBS, etc.) Krystal Peterson, "SuperGirl," L. Frost, "Put Yo Hands Up," Josh Bales, "Just Enough," "Therapy, Blue Apollo Music

So what's the verdict? What do you think, do opposites really attract?! Let me know by leaving me a comment below :)