USA TODAY announces CAMP WWE Premiere on WWE Network!!!


USA TODAY announces our NEW SHOW #CampWWE !!!! I am FINALLY so excited to share the news of the arrival of our new animated show that the entire team at Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Productions & the WWE Network has been working SO hard on… CAMP WWE!!!!

I voice the series regular characters of the young campers, JOHN CENA & THE ROCK!!! (Yes you heard right!!!! :P) Ever since I was little I told my family that I wanted to be a cartoon, and I have had the opportunity to work with such amazing teams at Lionsgate, Dreamworks, commercials & video games… but this has been my biggest project yet, and I couldn’t be more excited and proud of the team’s amazing creation and work.

The incredibly talented team of Seth Green & Head Writer & EP Aaron Blitzstein, and the entire Stoopid Buddy Production & WWE Network have truly created such a HILARIOUS series that will NOT disappoint. Check out the #BTS footage with Seth & Aaron below! CAMP WWE Premieres May 1st on WWE Network. First month subscription is free!! Huge shout out to The Osbrink Agency Sharon, Ben Artt, Jona, David, Brandon, Danielle, all those who have supported me along the way, and above all, My Lord for providing these opportunities to share the gifts He's given me!! Check out the #BTS of #CAMPWWE

Green explains his take on John Cena: 

“We wanted to play with the can-do spirit of an 8-year-old who always has a shoulder for you to cry on and always has some encouraging message but also just gets annoying,” Green explains. “He’s great at everything in the show but the other campers are like, ‘Ah, John, you know none of us like you, right?’ ”



Watch clip JEWS ON A PLANE - Broad City Season Finale, opposite Seth Green!


Broad City (Season 3 Finale - Rachel Hanowitz) Ashley Bornancin from ashleyb on Vimeo.

It was so fun to work on this 3-day shoot with the co-creators of Broad City, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, and to act opposite another awesome person I am working with on another series, Seth Green! (Total surprise we were both booked on the same episode!)

I hope you enjoy watching this clip from JEWS ON A PLANE. Would love to hear from you below! :)


"Rachel Hanowitz" on Broad City Season Finale April 20th!

Broad City collage  




Back in the summer some of my friends and I went to a workshop on Women & Directing at UCB by one of the directors of Broad City. We were so inspired by the ladies of Broad City who started on YouTube that we started doing sketches and was then further inspired to create our own series, launching this year. I always said I would LOVE to work with these inspiring women and just this week, we just wrapped shooting 3 days on this incredible show.

It was such an incredible experience to get to work with such hilarious women who are dominating the comedy industry, and who are some of the nicest people I've ever worked with. Thank you so much to the entire Broad City team, I am beyond grateful, and excited to see the awesome Season 3 this Spring! ‪

Be sure to tune into Comedy Central 10pm PST on April 20th to watch this hilarious Season 3 Finale!!!


New video! Office Problems - Season 4 out now!!


[embed][/embed] It's always such a blast working on Office Problems whose videos have gone viral all across the web. I love the single cam, awkward style of comedy. Have you ever had a co-worker steal your food? Not going to lie, definitely have been one of those interns who may have nibbled on some food in the fridge that definitely wasn't mine. haha!

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Kids Choice Awards with Blake Shelton!


Filmed a really fun opener for the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards with Blake Shelton! Privileged to be among such talent as Selena Gomez, Adam Levine, Pherell, Rico Rodriguez and Blake Shelton! Excited for more fun opportunities and collaborations to come! Blake has to fight off the Stormtroppers from Star Wards to get to the show!  Check out the clip here!

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